About Muzikodrama

  • learning in an entertaining form
  • with every dramatization new emotion and new musical instrument
  • adopting appropriate behavior
  • insight into the consequences of the decision in a secure enviroment
  • meeting with musical doctrine - minor and major chord and pentathonic scale, fast and slow pace, changes in dynamics
  • Exercises for fine motorics development
  • singing thematic songs

Price list

  • One-time demonstration - 60,- CZK per child
  • 10 dramatizations for 1 year - 50,- CZK per child per lesson

About the lesson

  • Inspiration by the book "Ferda a jeho mouchy" by Scio authors
  • the main hero is synonymous with a boy in pre-school age
  • stories deal with daily problems of children
  • children play a role, they can influence the story, help the characters
  • suitable for children aged 3 to 10 - aged mixed classes
  • duration of the lesson about 35 minutes, maximum number of pupils 25


  • better conflict management, dicussions with authority (parents, teacher)
  • appropriate response, control and thoughtful emotions
  • communication with adults and peer (children apply at school and later in working life)
  • children have the ability to observe individual emotions on the main hero, for convenience, they serve plush flies as a metaphor of emotions
  • development of sensory perception, fine motorics

I am currently working with:

  • Paprsek Velké Opatovice
  • Home for the elderly Šebetov
  • Home for the elderly Vranovice
  • Home for the elderly Montenegro
  • Home for the elderly Modřice
  • Neumánek Brno Hospital
  • Center for the Blind Chrlice
  • Domino Brno Hospital
  • Kindergarten Všudybýlek Blansko
  • Kindergarten U Tří oveček Boskovice
  • Kindergarten Březina
  • Kindergarten Kovalovice
  • Kindergarten Pomněnky Brno
  • Kindergarten Paršovice
  • Kindergarten Vícov
  • Kindergarten Mouchnice
  • Kindergarten Cetkovice
  • Elementary school Mendlovo náměstí
  • Basic practical school Boskovice

Music therapy

  • music enhances the experience of dramatization
  • improving hearing perception, sensory perception, understanding, and listening skills
  • children learn to understand themselves, create their own opinion on how to deal with different situations (do not fall under pressure from peers)

People with special needs who have a scientifically proven positive effect on music therapy:

  • people with hearing impairment problems
  • people with language skills and skills disorders
  • people with limited visual perception
  • people with autistic spectrum disorders
  • ADHD syndrome
  • depression
  • schizophrenia

Lessons with music therapy elements:

  • songs from movies and fairy tales
  • folk songs
  • classical music
  • relaxing music
  • improvisation with musical instruments
  • popular songs
  • regional folk songs
  • singing technique and breath
  • musical games and puzzles
  • musical scenic sounds, body play


  • technique of working with written text
  • leads to the acquisition of information, experience, formation and influence of the action
  • goals: educational, educational, relaxing
  • provides a new insight into the subject
  • suitable for a team in which a child with special needs or pathological behavior is involved - in this case, it is worthwhile to order the whole project, regular dramatization brings better results

One-time events as events of the year:

  • September: Meet new friends
  • October: We are not afraid of ghosts
  • November: Autumn and the game with animals
  • December: Christmas is coming
  • January: Trip to the North Pole
  • February: Masquerade Ball
  • March: Blooming Paradise
  • April: Easter Games
  • May: About Moms
  • June: Holidays are just around the corner


  • Positive jealousy
  • Curiosity
  • Patience
  • Loneliness
  • Fear
  • Friendship
  • Sadness
  • Envy
  • Wrath
  • Nostalgia
  • On the foundation of Boskovice Castle
  • About the Wolf Pit
  • Nymphs and their gift
  • Robbers near Montenegro
  • The water sprite on Boskovice Castle
  • About the Fire Skeleton
  • The Leshy
  • Devil and Grandma
  • Petrified wedding under the meadow
  • About the water fairy in Velké Opatovice
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Three Golden Hair
  • Budulínek
  • The Twelve Moons
  • Smolíček pacholíček
  • Frog King
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Goldilocks
  • The boy who returned the sun to the people
  • How Venus originated
  • About my brother and sister
  • Magic hat
  • About the raven and the bowl
  • Meeting with dwarves
  • About the man
  • Fig
  • The end of the big shaman
  • Bear claw

About me

Růžena Koudelková Photo: Maty Kamič
  • I am a special pedagogue, I have experience especially with people with mental retardation, ADHD, Down syndrome, impaired communication skills and the blind
  • I have been actively involved in music therapy for 5 years, I am currently preparing for a master's degree in music therapy in Olomouc
  • my approval is also musical (musicology at Masaryk University, I sing in the Brno Academic Choir, I have been actively playing the guitar and ukulele for 10 years, I am the leader of the music camps of the Motýlek Family Center, I have been singing popular, musical and classical music since I was 4 years old
  • I am a member of the Music Therapy Association of the Czech Republic, I regularly study under the guidance of PhDr. Markéta Gerlichová, Ph.D, I use her supervision for my work
  • For more information, I refer to my bachelor's thesis entitled Muzikodrama as an attractive way to improve communication, attention and expression of emotions in preschool children


Certificates, awards and references